A Sustainable Way of Living

Our mission is to style children with a purpose and set the bar for recycling and upcyclying merchandise goods within the kids industry. Our idea stemmed from a place of love for our babies and our planet.

Landfills are mostly filled with tossed clothing that 90% could have been recycled. The clothing decomposes releasing toxic greenhouse gases CO2 and Methane which remain in the atmosphere for 100-1,000 years. This is perpetuating the global warming that our planet is suffering from. Imagine a heavy blanket sinking into our planet because of fast-fashion, and careless unsustainable behavior.

We believe fashion should be fabulous, and we believe it should be sustainable to bring mindfulness to a more sustainable planet. We take great care when choosing our high- quality children’s designers for your little one to enjoy. We want families to experience life’s greatest moments with confidence and joy. We know fashion can happen without having to over consume, waste money, waste time, and waste closet space. Let its bring the magic to your little one’s closet.