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About Stylette

Stylette is a children’s online shopping destination that styles savvy minis with a purpose. It is a rental platform that collects unique and fashion-forward clothing from around the world to dress kids for their daily wear, special occasions, or seasonal adventures. The company vision is to offer sustainable living for children, and the future of their children, through a high-end children’s clothing rental. The soul of Stylette is to maximize the wear and use of children’s clothing that they quickly outgrow, and more often than not, wear just once. And in an effort to reduce merchandise waste, they aim to upcycle and reuse pre-loved styles as a revolving closet service.

Moms on a Mission

As mothers, they understand how precious time is for the modern-day busy family. Founded in Los Angeles, both Sheena Jongeneel and Gemma Cox know first-hand the major burden of investing in clothing that kids quickly outgrow. Their big idea started off with a piece that their child outgrew, but didn’t have the heart to let-go of. An item they loved and embraced, that represented so many memories. So instead of donating these pieces to a consignment shop, they decided to share their beloved items with others who have a fond appreciation for brand and style. They are moms on a mission to recycle pre-loved style and provide simplicity to living while saving the planet.