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Shipping Methods

We proudly provide free hand delivery within the Los Angeles area! Otherwise shipping is free for orders greater than $50. Orders placed Monday through Friday PST (excluding U.S. federal holidays) will be processed and shipped the following business day and, pending credit card verification. Orders placed on non-business days will be processed the following business day and will be shipped, pending credit card verification, within one business of the day of processing. Return shipping is always free with our pre-printed shipping label which will be provided with your order. You will be charged $5 per day, after you miss the agreed upon return date.

For a La Carte pre-paid shipping labels are included with your order.

For purchase refunds you will be responsible for your own return shipping label.


$5 flat rate

2nd Day

$15 flat rate


$30 flat rate

Easy Returns & Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with your a la carte rental, please ship back and state your reason in order for us to review. After the claim has been reviewed, we will refund you if that is the proper correction.

Damage Policy

We understand it is inevitable for your kids to sometimes cause wear and tear on the clothing, and the $5 insurance fee covers minor stains and damage on the clothing your child may have caused. However, if the damage is unfixable, we will charge you the retail price of the item. As all our pieces are high quality don’t fret about causing damage on the rentals. It would have to be a serious mishap to have the item be deemed unreturnable. If you never return the item and don’t communicate the cause. We will have to charge you the retail price of the item.